Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #626



44 Minutes

topless catfight
The sultry and experienced Santana takes on tattooed newcomer Autumn in our first ring encounter. The new girl is all attitude as she displays obvious contempt for her seasoned adversary. Santana quickly knocks some of the sass out of the tyro by kicking Autumn in the stomach. Soon enough Autumn is writhing on the mat as Santana holds her down with a painful neck scissors, taunting the newbie as she pours on the pressure. After removing the young blonde's bra, Santana further punishes Autumn by pinching her pert nipples. Santana truly enjoys twisting the new girl's body like a pretzel and Autumn learns the hard way why Santana is such a respected and feared wrestler. Humbled and hurt, Autumn attempts to back away but Santana's blow to the belly stops her retreat. Santana digs her nails into Autumn's crotch adding even more pain to insult. Autumn is on the wrong end of vicious smothers, stretches, flips, kicks and punches as Santana gives the debuting young grappler a wrestling lesson she will never forget.

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topless catfight
Two of our toughest ring veterans, Christine and Kristie strain muscle against muscle in our second ring encounter. When it comes to raw power these ladies are wrestling dynamos. While Christine reverses Kristie's arm hold to send the stockier girl to the canvas, Kristie pushes Christine off after lifting her opponent's body in a canopy maneuver. To demonstrate her iron abs Kristie allows Christine to punch her stomach repeatedly. Christine tenses her stomach to take what Kristie can ditch out, but the crafty Kristie grabs Christine's breasts instead. After getting clawed in the crotch, Christine realizes that rules don't apply when you're up against a terror like Kristie. The two muscle girls become a tangle of twisting limbs as they wrestle each other down on the mat. Body scissors, belly blows and breast biting are but preludes to even more destruction. It's a rare sight to see Kristie stripped of her bra, but her unexpected toplessness does little to slow her down. As Christine loses her top as well, these hellions smash at each other with surges of power that would destroy any lesser women.

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