Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #625



43 Minutes

topless catfight
Luscious Lisa proudly exhibits her championship belt when the ambitious and malicious Francesca enters the ring, vowing to become the new champ. During the first few minutes of the match it's clear that Lisa is the superior grappler and that Francesca's only hope for victory rests on her willingness to cheat. Fran's kick to Lisa's crotch shows that she is quite willing indeed. Trapping a dazed Lisa against the ropes the fiery Francesca works Lisa's belly over with jabs, uppercuts and kicks. As Lisa tries to get her breath after the belly beating, Francesca starts pounding at the Champ's crotch some more. When Francesca's attempts to pin Lisa prove unrewarding, Lisa is again punished with vicious attacks on her bared breasts and vulnerable groin. Lisa is little more than a punching bag for Francesca by this time and the brutal brunette relishes telling the fallen Champ just how much she will suffer before the day is done. And suffer Lisa does--plenty. After a terrifying eternity Lisa is dragged into the middle of the ring for a final pin--but the Champ miraculously escapes. Now Francesca is REALLY mad!

topless catfight
It's Lisa's turn to play it nasty in our next encounter. Mia's back as the California Kid and her wily nemesis Lisa is determined to strip the cowgirl of her trademark white tights. It isn't long before Lisa manages to get her hands between Mia's legs and pulls down her tights, much to the chagrin of the California Kid. Cruel Lisa proceeds to dig her long nails into Mia's tender crotch, but the feisty cowgirl manages to bring her tormentor down with a tight headlock. While Lisa does manage to remove one of Mia's bikini bottoms before passing out, the Kid's white tights remain in place. Lisa recovers only to get caught in yet another headlock. A sharp elbow to Mia's ribcage frees Lisa up as she grapples Mia to the mat and works once again on removing those tights. Mia fights valiantly against crotch claws, butt spanks and choke holds, but will her valor and resolve be enough to stop Lisa from claiming her ill-gotten prize? A breathtaking breast smother answers that question pretty convincingly--but Mia's humiliation may be far from over.

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