Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #624



46 Minutes

female wrestling
Big, bad Sandy, DT's resident powerhouse may be facing her most formidable challenge to date as muscular ring vet Kristie Etzold saunters into the ring to prove herself the mightiest DT wrestler of all. Although Kristie manages to force Sandy down to the canvas after an extended, finger-locking test of strength, the blonde in black uses her position to wrap her mighty legs around Kristie's waist and really apply the pressure. However, Kristie bears the pain and lifts Sandy into a crushing bearhug which seems to last forever. Sandy is dropped, only to be lifted into a cross shoulder carry and Kristie triumphantly carries Sandy around the ring. Sandy falls to the mat again, but this time she rebounds with a devastating bearhug of her own, provoking grunts of pain from the white-suited Kristie. These two grapplers are super-tough and one titanic lady manages to pin the other to win the first fall. But, this is only the beginning as another test of strength sets up the second act of this dynamic drama filled with full-nelsons, headlocks, standing head scissors, piledrivers, clotheslines and even more bone-crushing bearhugs.

female wrestling
Our second match pits the buxom Shannan against the dark and delectable Alana, both in skimpy bikinis. Shannan manages to power Alana to the mat early in the match, but Alana quickly reverses t he advantage with a sinewy waist scissors that leaves the big-breasted brunette gasping for air. After further squeezing torture, Shannan recovers enough to trap Alana in a chin lock while straddling the black girl's back. Alana escapes again and stomps Shannan's belly as Shannan is trapped in the corner and on the mat. The fierce action flips back and forth as stomps, belly blows, pins and chokes are dealt out by one tigress, then the other. At one point Alana endures a limb-stretching bow and arrow hold. At another point Shannan is kicked around the ring like a soccer ball. This is a hard-fought battle, full of great body-punching and awesome stretcher holds between two gorgeous grapplers, each determined to walk away from the ring a winner. A final sleeper/scissors combination decides which haughty hellcat that will be.

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