Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #623



78 Minutes

Referee Summer Cummings will definitely have her hands full as she oversees the first three matches in this spectacular topless boxing extravaganza. Will champion Tanya "The Body" Danielle be able to retain her belt against three hungry challengers? It's apparent from the pre-game interviews that "Sweet Sugar" Stacy Burke, Francesca "The Fury" Lé and Goldie "The Bad Girl" Blair are each chomping at the bit to be the new champ.

topless boxing
Match #1: Tanya and Goldie shoot out from their respective corners and go toe to toe in the center of the ring. Goldie, believing herself robbed by lousy refereeing during the last tournament, is like a house afire, but The Body is determined to prove that The Bad Girl's early success in their last fight was a fluke. There's little defense evident as both boxers exchange heavy blows to the head and body. Tanya is forced into the ropes as Goldie pounds away. It's evident in the ensuing rounds that Tanya will have to work hard to overcome Goldie's furious assault.

topless boxing
Match #2: Stacy starts off strong against Francesca as Sweet Sugar sets out to prove that she's worthy of tackling the champ. Stacy manages to overwhelm The Fury with Francesca trapped against the ropes as Stacy punishes the Lethal Latin's mid-section. Francesca falls further behind on points in the second round as a sweet left staggers The Fury to the canvas. If Francesca is to get back into this fight she's going to have come in even harder for round three.

topless boxing
Match #3: Goldie intends to settle the score with Stacy, the referee in the last tournament, and both fabulous blondes land solid shots to the head and mid-section. Stacy's superior speed gives her the edge in the first round and she attempts to end the match early in round two, knocking Goldie down to the mat repeatedly. Stacy is definitely in the lead for the early rounds--but then, Goldie finds an opening, and it is Stacy who must survive a barrage of body blows as she's trapped in the corner.

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