Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #622



57 Minutes

nude catfight
Julie Winchester limbers up in the ring as she waits for some friends to join her. The voluptuous Venus enters the ring and demands that Julie leave so that she can work out by herself. The babes decide to settle the matter in a wrestling match and Julie soon finds herself smothered by Venus' ample ass, even as the bigger blonde proceeds to peel away Julie's pink bikini. Julie gives as good as she gets and starts clawing at Venus' voluminous tits. Soon the two girls are naked and hot as they trap themselves in dual scissors holds. Butts are clawed and crotches are violently abused as one girl tries to smother the other with her sweating nether areas. There's a lot more snatch snatching and body blows to endure until Venus has Julie exactly where she wants her. But, even as Venus is on the verge of victory, Julie's friends, Candi and Nefertiti finally arrive and doff there clothes to help there friend in an exhilarating exhibition of naked nastiness. Venus is attacked by all three women and there isn't a single inch of her fabulous flesh that is immune to the clawing, twisting, beating and biting assault. As Julie sits on Venus' face, Nefertiti works on the DeLight-ful one's legs and Candi tortures Venus' stomach and crotch. Venus may well regret ever messing with Julie--especially when Julie's friends are around.

nude catfight
The bountiful and sumptuous Summer Cummings makes her DT wrestling debut as she faces the exquisitely proportioned Tanya Danielle in what starts out to be a regular bikini catfight. However, these bikinis never really had a chance and after several wild throws, blows and wrenching holds, the flimsy pieces of cloth are torn away and these two pulchritudinous warrior women battle like the Amazons they are, hot, ferocious and naked. After attempting to strangle Summer with her own bikini top Tanya drapes Summer's superhuman breasts against the ropes and claws at them as if hoping to deflate them. Summer gets in her own punishment as well as she scissors Tanya by the waist and then tries to breast smother the nude blonde. The only way Tanya can escape is to bite her way out. Summer continues to snuff the breath out of Tanya with long facesits, with Tanya's nose getting buried in Summer's naked crotch. These two hot-blooded babes take turns punching each other in the face, belly, crotch and boobs and Tanya even manages a breast smother of her own. One final smothering facesit ends this heated flesh-feast for one bare-naked lady.

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