Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #621



64 Minutes

topless catfight
After learning that Venus DeLight has been talking trash about them, Julie DC and Shelly decide to teach the blonde braggart a tough lesson. After some more tough verbal exchanges in the ring which culminate in all their tops being ripped off their ample breasts, Julie DC and Shelly initially take turns tearing into the unprepared Venus. As one grappler traps the venerable Venus in a succession of camel clutches, Boston crabs, and surfboards the other bosomy battler steps into the ring to slam Venus' stomach. Despite the beatings, Venus' defiance remains steely and Julie DC pulls her up by the hair as the Burbank Bomber snares Venus with a full nelson. Still unrepentant, Venus' breasts are subjected to sharp claws, nipple twists and stinging slaps. As Julie DC holds the groggy Venus, Shelly batters the blonde's breasts and belly some more. Venus' hold on consciousness becomes tenuous as the brutal duo take great delight in DeLight's plight.

topless catfight
Sandy, that hard-hearted heel of heels, continues her reign of terror as she aims her sights on the tantalizing Tanya Danielle. Tanya manages to pry herself from Sandy's opening headlock but receives an elbow to the ribs for her efforts. Tanya escapes a matchbook pin and traps Sandy in a waist scissors, but that, too, proves only a brief victory for Tanya. A clothesline and leg drop stuns Tanya and her magnificent body is tortured by neck scissors, back-breaking chinlocks, surfboards, body slams and all manner of assaults. When her own top is removed and used as a choiking weapon, Tanya may wish she never agreed to this match. Softening Tanya up with a few blows to the chest, Sandy lifts the dazed beauty and pile drives her to the canvas. That's all Sandy needs to set the addled blonde up for one of Sandy's signature sleeper holds which stifles all the fight left in Tanya's body as she collapses into unconsciousness. And that's just the first fall. Tanya starts the second fall kicking and stomping, but Sandy kicks her buxom opponent away and traps her in a figure four neck scissors. More brutal holds, atomic drops, piledrivers, berahugs and even more sleeper knockouts await the hapless Tanya as Sandy proceeds to notch yet another victory on her slate.

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