Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #620



52 Minutes

topless wrestling
The DT ring really gets crowded as the enormously endowed Julie DC, in a woefully inadequate green bikini, is challenged by the mammoth mammaried Shelly, whose red bra is strained to its limits. Shelly intends to prove that she is the best big-breasted brawler in the land and is determined to humble the proud redhead once and for all. Humongous mounds of flesh crush into each other as this bouncy breast battle kicks into high gear. Inevitably, the bras surrender and the immense tits bare their considerable selves to the sun. An arm-wrestling challenge is followed up by headlocks, tests of strength, full-nelsons, airplane spins, arm bars, breast-to-breast pins and scissors are but a few of the violent tactics executed by these buxom brawlers. After a reverse bearhug leaves one Amazon breathless on the mat, the other big-boobed battler is still determined to mete out more punishment. In the screen-filling fleshy finale, one large-topped woman is lying on the mat humbled--but will it be the Burbank Bomber or she of the Dangerous Curves?

topless wrestling
While their breasts are not as gasp-inducing as Julie DC's and Shelly's, Francesca and Christine are no slouches when it comes to upper body endowment, and, as they ready themselves for a party, these brunettes find themselves arguing as to which of them has the better rack. These hellions, looking deceptively demure in their little dresses, claw, crush, and punch at each other's perfectly rounded orbs. Christine even ups the ante by sinking her teeth into Francesca's delicious tits. Francesca responds in kind and after a few well placed belly blows and hair pulls, the fiery felines lock up in a boob-crushing bearhug. Breasts are stomped and knuckles do even more damage to delectable flesh. When the tops are removed that just makes the targets even more vulnerable. And when the girls are down to only their panties, the violence escalates to ever greater levels of intensity. Hard kicks are exchanged and nipples are squeezed and tormented as the screams of these bosomy beat-down queens echo throughout the small room—except when the breasts are used to smother those screams.

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