Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #619



48 Minutes

First up is another go-round between our two most lithe and nimble fighters Tasha and Suzie. When Suzie counters Tasha's opening bearhug with a crushing waist scissors--while still in the bearhug! --you know that this will be a real contest of ring skills by two tough, experienced mat experts. Tasha works Suzie into a waist scissors of her own and pounds Suzie's belly for good measure. Escaping another waist scissors by manipulating her opponent into an arm stretch, Suzie stuns Tasha with a piledriver and goes for the pin, which the flexible Tasha bridges out of. Then Suzie uses Tasha's bridge position to ensnare her foe's arms and twist her up in a body-contorting combo hold that exposes Tasha's tummy to some battering action. Surfboards, Boston Crabs, matchbook pins, bow and arrow stretches, scissors countered by more scissors--the list of devastating holds goes on and on. When a sleeper choke seems to halt Suzie once and for all, the battling blonde quickly snaps back and has Tasha once again struggling out of a tangle of twisted limbs. This is a non-stop cavalcade of expert maneuvers executed with ferocity by two of the ring's best.

Next, the sensational Suzie Johnson returns to the DT ring to grapple with the experienced competitive wrestler Stormee Knight. Suzie starts off strong as she leaps up to catch Stormee in a standing waist scissors and bring the brunette down to a spread-eagle pin. The brunette quickly escapes and wraps her muscular legs around the petite blonde's waist and applies pressure of her own. Suzie manages to overcome Stormee's sleeper hold and takes her opponent down with an arm bar, followed by a sitting arm stretch and a chinlock. A double clothesline sends both stunned wrestlers to the canvas. Trapped in the corner, Suzie's slim frame is kneed and battered by her tempestuous rival. Suzie kicks out and gets the advantage again but is soon struggling against a head scissors while still on her knees. Suzie starts to soften Stormee up with some belly blows and a foot to the throat, tossing Stormee to the mat with a monkey flip. A few kicks to the belly and a head scissors soon have Stormee struggling for escape. A scissors reversal provides just that--if only for a moment. A standing head scissors and arm stretch keeps Suzie dominant and she stomps on her flattened adversary with delight. And just when Suzie thinks she has Stormee beaten, the brunette rallies yet again. This is one match that really sells the goods.

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