Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #618



65 Minutes

sisterhood of superheroines
George Pérez's super-powered babes return in this double-feature of duplicity, deception and delusions. First, Amazon Queen (Lisa Comshaw) and Britannia (Yvonne) are both fooled into meeting at a warehouse, believing that each had come to a ceremony honoring the other. When they split up to search the area, Amazon Queen is attacked by whom she believes to be Britannia. In reality her attacker is The Mime, the Overmind's latest secret weapon who can transform into any superheroine. Even with her new scepter of power, Amazon Queen is battered, punched and kicked into submission by the phony Britannia. And even as Amazon Queen lies unconscious after being knocked out by The Mime, the white-masked adaptoid transforms herself into Amazon Queen and proceeds to ambush the unsuspecting British bombshell. A rapid barrage of belly punches and roundhouse blows to the face soon weakens yet another costumed champion, believing all the while that she is being beaten by her own sister superheroine.

sisterhood of superheroines
And the Overmind's mind games continue as we find Daisy Chain (Stacy Burke) gagged and tied to a chair in another warehouse. Freeing herself, she sets out to rescue her cousin Prism (Jewell Marceau) but must first get by the beefy guard (Scott) who enters the room to check her status. Dispatching the goon with relative ease, Daisy Chain follows Prism's homing signal throughout the warehouse until she comes upon Prism's energy ring—but no Prism. Suddenly, Daisy Chain is struck from behind and turns to see her own cousin dressed in the black outfit once worn by Mistress Evil (Tape # 396) and vowing to destroy Daisy Chain in the name of the Overmind. Daisy Chain finds herself without her daisy discs and is punched, kicked, stretched and stomped by the possessed Prism. Daisy Chain's breasts are bared for further abuse after she is handcuffed. A devastating ramming attack ends the battle--until Prism awakens to find herself in her own costume and gagged and bound to the same chair as Daisy Chain had been. And the scenario repeats itself with Prism confronting Daisy Chain dressed as Mistress Evil. This has to be a nightmare, an illusionary dreamscape created by the Overmind--one that may still prove a fatal place for superheroines.

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