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57 Minutes

female wrestling
It's another typical evening at the Double Trouble Nightclub--which usually means that somehow there's gonna be one hot lady that's going to get down on another. And this time it is the fiery Francesca who stares daggers at luscious Liana, who has been doing the nasty with Francesca's main squeeze. When Francesca pours her drink on Liana's blouse, Liana reciprocates by pouring hers between Francesca's legs. As the music pumps away, Liana further teases Francesca by provocatively dancing for her in hot sinewy rhythm. No shrinking violet herself, Francesca joins in the dance and soon the heated honeys remove their tops and jeans to slip and slide over each other with nothing but their thong bikini bottoms on. The lust is palpable as they caress each other's breasts and slide their tongues into each other's mouths and kiss and lick up and down their tanned, sleek bodies. No real wrestling here, just a contest of sensuality--with the viewer the ultimate winner.

female wrestling
Francesca gets hot and heavy with yet another volcanic vixen as she succumbs to and takes advantage of that hurricane from Havana, Sabrina. These girls have fought in the ring before, but this time the challenge is not to see who is the better fighter, but rather, which one is the better lover. As hands, breasts, lips and thighs roll over glistening expanses of exotic flesh, the gyrations become more animated and intense. Sabrina's breasts heave and her sizzling dance fuels Francesca's passions. Another typical evening at the Double Trouble Nightclub. It's a miracle that place hasn't been raided--yet.

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