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41 Minutes

Female Wrestling
Tina Zappitelli is one excited Italian as she prepares for her wedding day. However, her mood is soured when her rival Tasha Welch calls to invite herself to Tina's wedding. When the two hotheaded enemies meet in the backyard the trash talk piles up and they decide to settle it all in the wrestling ring. On their way into the ring, Tasha sucker punches Tina and pounds her into the ring where Tasha continues pummeling Tina with hard kicks and crotch stomps, setting up Tina to be a "black-eyed bride" by the time Tasha is through with her. Tasha throws Tina into the corner but the bride-to-be manages to get out and traps Tasha instead. Stomping her blonde enemy down, Tina is all fired up for some payback. A reverse facesit is accompanied by belly blows as Tina caps off her revenge with a head scissors that she uses to bash Tasha's head into the mat, rendering the blonde unconscious. Thinking the fight over, Tina turns to redress but is ambushed by the revived Tasha who stomps the downed brunette savagely. The fight soon degenerates into a punching battle as both girls are determined to leave one beaten and bruised hussy hearing bells for a long timeŅand we ain't talking wedding bells.

Female Wrestling
Stacy and Yvonne return for another session of crotch crunching that continues in the vein of their last encounter in Tape #591 ("MEAN AND LOWDOWN"). This version starts with Stacy telling Yvonne how Stacy fought with Yvonne's boyfriend Johnny and how Stacy beat him up--and loved it. That's when Yvonne's temper--and fists--explode. Hard knuckles crash into flesh and bone as every body part gets a taste of pugilistic pounding. However, the hardest hits are saved for the tender regions between the hellcats' legs. The action goes back and forth with crotches being grabbed by taloned claws, stomped with thundering feet and pulverized by even more powerful punches. It will be a miracle if either one of these topless belting bombers walks out of the ring after this display of pussy-pounding pandemonium.

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