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53 Minutes

Female Wrestling
Two of our favorite smaller girls, Stacy and Yvonne, get into some serious mat action in our first match as the rules fly out the window with the opening bell. Yvonne traps Stacy in the corner and pummels her with knees and fists. Stacy quickly reverses the situation and gives Yvonne some of the same treatment. As the tigresses tussle on the mat, their tops come off, but the action never slows. There's no such thing as modesty in the world of female wrestling. Stacy tries to choke the fight out of Yvonne, but falls back as Yvonne digs her claws into Stacy's round breasts. These battling blondes kick and punch each other with savage abandon. Matchbook pins are followed up with a facesit, which is followed up by a neck scissors, which is followed by a bow and arrow, which is followed by--well, you get the idea. These girls really put each other through the wringer as limbs are twisted, waists are crushed and groins are stomped. It's a fantastic display of female ferocity played out by two sexy brawlers with one blonde finally succumbing to the power of the other.

Female Wrestling
Next comes an epic-length session of scissors, throws, body blows and breathtaking smothering KO's as Jewell Marceau and Francesca Lé pit their luscious bikini-clad bodies against each other. Jewell starts by talking trash to Francesca, challenging the Latin lollypop to a multi-fall ring match with and all falls to be decided by smothering knockouts. And so the gauntlet is thrown and each girl gets her chance to eliminate her opponent with all manner of smothers: facesits, sleepers, breast smothers and other weapons of oxygen-depriving devastation. The knockouts just keep on coming and each girl is going at it on pure adrenaline as this long match finally reaches its inevitable end with one tired, motionless loser lying flat on the mat, breathless, beaten and beautiful.

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