Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies




45 Minutes

Female Wrestling
Jealousy rears its lovely head as the sumptuous Shannan confronts the dark and delectable Alana about Alana's sleeping with Shannan's man. Alana's brazen defiance is soon broken as Shannan punishes her with a deadly barrage of headlocks, scissors and full nelsons. As if these tactics weren't enough, Shannan compounds her hateful assault with surfboards, hand smothers and fearsome sleepers. Again and again Alana is knocked out and revived as the vicious Shannan, stripped of her bra to proudly display her magnificent bosoms, adds belly punches and bow and arrow holds to her arsenal. A final combination of neck scissors and hand smother may be more than a battered and humbled Alana will be able to stand.

Female Wrestling
Next up on this double feature, we start with the massively endowed Julie DC washing her car in the hot summer sun. When the mischievous Tanya arrives and soaks Julie and her car with a water-pumping gun, the buxom redhead gets good and pissed. Getting a dowser of her own, Julie sprays the blonde with water as well and they continue dowsing each other as they back into the yard. They decide to drop their weapons (and their shorts) and continue their battle into the ring in their bikinis. The match begins with a battle of the asses with each girl on her knee pushing her butt against her rival's. Then it's massive breast against humongous breast as the big-boobed battlers remove their flimsy tops and press their impressive mounds against each other. Then they claw at those mammoth mammaries as if squeezing ripe fruit. These girls are two wet and wild combatants determined to prove to each other which one is the top-flight, top-heavy top dog.

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