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One Hour

Female Wrestling
Star Chandler believes that she can succeed where others have failed--to beat the Queen of Heels, Sandy. Star is in for a cruel smack of reality. As Star gets the upper hand, Sandy quickly reverses it. As Sandy scissors Sandy's neck from atop the ropes, Sandy punches her way out of it. When Sandy reverses Star's full nelson to a headlock, Sandy brutally knees Star and repeatedly claws at the honey-tressed fighter's eyes. Clotheslines, body slams, leg drops, cross-body pins, chin-locks, Atomic Drops--all these are expertly and brutishly applied by Sandy as she removes Star's top and prepares for more annihilation. A camel clutch, a neck breaker drop a piledriver and, finally, a vise-like sleeper ends the first fall for poor Star. Star's dreams of victory are further smashed in the second fall as she is subjected to more stomps, chokes, and punches, softening her up for the pressure point sleeper that puts her out for the second round. It's a less confident Star Chandler that faces Sandy at the start of the third fall—and Sandy intends to utterly destroy what little confidence is left.

Female Wrestling
Diana's excitement about her wrestling lesson with Sandy is marred by Coral's warning that Sandy intends to work Diana over. The only chance Diana has is to cheat before Sandy does. And that's exactly what Diana tries to do, with Coral prepared to help her out. Diana catches Sandy off-guard and starts to pound the veteran blonde. But Diana's inexperience eventually works against her and Sandy really gives her a wrestling lesson, with scissors, body blows and hurtful holds setting the bare-breasted, busty brunette up for a conscious-sapping sleeper hold. Sandy then learns that this was all a plot set up by Coral and she takes to the willowy adult star with a vengeance. Diana recovers to join Sandy as they double-team the conniving Coral with a real lesson in wrestling that Coral Sands will never forget. Coral is punched, thrown, scissored, and twisted by Diana and Sandy and she soon learns that no bad deed goes unpunished in the world of female wrestling.

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