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50 Minutes

Female Wrestling
Our first ring catfight pits blondes Tasha Welch against Susie Johnson in a fairly evenly matched ring catfight. These battling babes go all-out to out-maneuver, out-squeeze and out-throw the other. When the advantage finally turns in Susie's favor she tries repeatedly to get Tasha down to the mat for a final pin, but Tasha bridges out of everyone of them. The more devastating Susie's hold is, the more severe is the arch of Tasha's back as she contorts herself in truly painful ways to escape Susie's torturous traps. Tasha loses her top fairly early on in this encounter so her breasts practically kiss the sun as her back bends and bows ever more strenuously. How much of this can our lithe Tasha take?

Female Wrestling
Our next indoor match is actually an offshoot of the erotic encounter between Francesca and newcomer Liana. It's amazing how quickly lovers can become enemies in this town. After kissing and fondling so passionately in the DT Nightclub, Liana and Francesca revert to their true feline state and proceed to tumble, twist and claw at each other like the hellcats they really are. Scissors, stretches and facesits are followed up by crushing body presses, which not only ignite the room, but further rekindle their own ardor for each other. As bodies are contorted and mauled, the violent atmosphere begins to take on new dimensions. As one sweat-soaked girl straddles the other her rival's lips and tongues tangle with her own and passion and pain soon become unpredictable bedfellows. Derrieres are smacked—as are pursed lips. With every violent embrace, another kiss follows and it is soon unclear whether this is a fight or not. But, whatever it is--it sure is hot.

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