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One Hour

Female Wrestling
With all the established DT grapplers that sinister Sandy has put away in past matches, what chance could a first-timer like Alex possibly have of beating the blonde heel? Well. More chances than one would think as this delicious doll with dark hair really gives Sandy one hell of a hard fight in the first fall of this pro-style catfight. While Sandy metes out her usual compliment of scissors, chin locks, body blows and hip tosses Alex retaliates with tight waist scissors, arm stretches and headlocks of her own. Even after Sandy uses Alex's bikini top as a choking weapon, the determined brunette keeps on piling up the punishment. It's only through sheer luck that Sandy finally gets Alex into her dreaded sleeper hold. Alex struggles bravely, but eventually the clamp does its work and Alex falls through the rabbit hole into slumberland. But the sleep seems to reenergize Alex as she barrels into the second round with a piledriver that stuns Sandy, who is then trapped in a chinlock-scissors combination. It takes a series of piledrivers, neck scissors, arm stretches and body slams to slow down Alex's momentum as Sandy finally snares her with another sleeper. But Alex comes on strong to start the third fall with a body-bruising monkey flip on a stunned Sandy. Will this new babe on the block actually turn this match around?

Female Wrestling
Mia, in a blue bikini, is lifting some weights in the ring when topless porn star Coral Sands enters the ring and challenges the Marvelous One. The quick and deadly Ms. Sands wastes no time in punishing Mia with punches, figure-fours, a Boston Crab and stomps. Using Mia's own bra against her, Coral ties Mia up and pounds head to the mat for a five-count. Even as Mia struggles against her bonds, Coral splashes her body down on her helpless foe. And despite an early kicking rally by Mia at the start of the second fall, Coral regains the advantage with a skull-crushing headlock and a staggering clothesline. Mia manages to break out of Coral's cross-body in and begins giving Coral a taste of her own medicine with splashes, stomps, punches, monkey-flips and a figure-four leglock that leads to Coral losing the second fall. The third fall isn't much better for Coral as a test of strength brings the winsome beauty down and she is further punished with neck scissors, keester bumps and another Boston Crab. One broken beauty is left outside the ring—with a cruel victor not content with ending it just yet.

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