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46 Minutes

Female Wrestling
A returning veteran takes on an ambitious newcomer as the sensational Susie Johnson takes time away from her own wrestling company to go against the exotic looking Kristiana in a classic ring confrontation. Susie's pretty confident that this will be an easy win, but she is soon proven quite wrong. Kristen is obviously hungry for power and intends to make a quick name for herself in female wrestling. This bikini match is chock full of long and arduous scissors that squeeze and crush the head and body of each determined grappler. It's a wild and wooly knockabout bout as neither girl intends to give up easily. But, after almost 25 explosive minutes one woman does finally collapse—but will it be experience or ambition that settles the matter?

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Female Wrestling
Next in the ring is another contest between veteran and newbie. Ring savvy Stormee Knight is appalled that tussling tyro Diana Knight is trying to make a name for herself in the wrestling game—and Stormee's determined to see that it isn't "Knight." Stormee feels that she is the only gladiator worthy of that name and intends to knock the cockiness right out of Diana. The high-spirited Diana is taken down by the hot-tempered Stormee with a Boston Crab and choke that shows that Stormee intends to end this contest quickly. Diana has other ideas however. She powers out of the chokehold and knees Stormee in the gut. A follow-up stomp hints at the action to come. Diana lands her cute rump down on Stormee's chest a few times and catches Stormee in a standing neck scissors. Then Diana is caught in a crushing scissors expertly applied by Stormee. Diana breaks free and slams Stormee's head on the canvas. And back and forth it goes with one Knight then the other taking charge. When one Knight finally falls, it is a proud Knight indeed who sports a gleaming victory smile.

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