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54 Minutes

fantasy wrestling
The California Kid rides again as Mia dons the hat, jeans and six-gun to hunt down the ornery bushwhacker Lisa. The kid's attempts to sneak around the DT ring are thwarted when Lisa ambushes Mia and points the kid's own pistol at her. Mia is forced to remove her shoes as Lisa searches the kid for hidden weapons, only to be aroused by running her hands up and down Mia's denim-draped ass. Lisa forces the Kid into the ring and orders her to remove her jeans. When Mia refuses, Lisa digs her claws deep into Mia's crotch. The mean rustler kicks Mia all around the ring and keeps clawing the California Kid's groin at every opportunity. When Mia finally agrees to remove her pants Lisa only allows her to get them half-down and bends Mia over the ropes to brand her bikinied butt with hard spanks. The California Kid has been in many scrapes before, but Lisa is intent on making sure that this will be one of the Kid's most humiliating defeats. Will Lisa succeed, or will the California Kid ride triumphantly into the sunset?

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fantasy wrestling
Our second western costumed fantasy has cowgirl Eve Ellis hell-bent on squashing the buckskinned squaw Coral Sands. Coral is pistol whipped from behind as Eve scoffs at the unconscious Coral's earlier boasts of beating her. Posing the knocked out Indian maiden's sprawled body for the camera, Eve relishes her easy conquest. After a bit more of this humiliation, Eve revives Coral and escorts the ersatz squaw into the bedroom--where Eve knocks Coral out again, the better to pose her senseless body for the camera. The same scenario is repeated in the kitchen as Coral's fringes dangle from her body on the kitchen table. Then--Eve turns her back on the reviving Coral, a major mistake. Coral is out for Eve's crimson scalp and punches the cowgirl into unconsciousness. It's a short victory however as Eve takes charge again. But don't count this Indian warrior out just yet. After a series of knockouts that use sleepers and leg scissors to destroy one girl the finale finds one beaten cowpoke draped over a table beneath the summer sun, squashed and silenced.

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