Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies




45 Minutes

nude wrestling
Willowy Julie Winchester faces a downright dangerous Venus DeLight, who's moved into Julie's neighborhood and slept with Julie's boyfriend, in our first flesh-filled fracas. As Julie voices her accusations she and Venus attack each other on the couch. Tearing off Venus' cheerleading skirt, Julie starts gouging the bigger blonde's crotch. Venus rips off Julie's bikini bottom and does likewise, further humiliating Julie with a sweaty facesit smother. Scissors and straddles follow with Venus twisting and squeezing Julie's pert breasts viciously. Julie's ego crushing continues with some demeaning spanking and a final suffocating facesit knockout. Venus is proud of her conquest, but her victory is short-lived. She doesn't see the chloroform that Julie is pouring on a towel. She is caught off-guard as that towel is draped over her nose and mouth. And, Venus is totally helpless as she awakens tied to a bed and prepped for Julie's vile vengeance.

nude wrestling
That first match makes for a great first course, but what about dessert? A variation of our first match finds tasty vanilla treat Candi tormenting our sweet, chocolate-skinned Nefertiti in our second exhibition of naked nastiness. Candi enters the bedroom to find Nefertiti tied, facedown and nude, to the bed--a perfect target for Candi's vengeance. Candi remembers well her past defeats at Nefertiti's hands and is looking forward to meting out her own special form of payback. After Candi strips off her bikini, she spanks, gropes, fondles and bites her bound victim with fevered pleasure. Nefertiti screams in pain as her breasts are bitten, her crotch is clawed and her hair is pulled. This is pure domination, as simple as black and white, with Nefertiti as the chocolate bar that Candi intends to devour.

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