Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies




60 Minutes

Fan-fave Jewell Marceau goes toe to toe with curvy Cassie for the first time in the opening card of this riotous tape. Cassie is in the ring bad-mouthing Jewell when the brunette attacks her from behind. Jewell really pours on the punishment as she chokes, twists and tosses Cassie around the ring, ending the first fall with a facesit smother KO. Once revived Cassie is determined not to get caught by surprise again. The ashen-haired beauty totally dominates Jewell in the second fall with scissors, pins and headlocks paving the way for a figure-four leg scissors that sends Jewell to slumber land. Jewell bounces back in round three as she traps Cassie in a step-over toe hold and batters the blonde with knees to the gut, claws to the breasts and yet another smother finish. Arm flips, body blows, over the knee backbreakers and waist scissors further soften Cassie up as Jewell sets the blonde up for yet another smother pin. Cassie comes on strong next and Jewell fights for her life. Airplane spins, bow and arrows, surfboards and body blasts are all followed by knockout after knockout in this lengthy, blistering donnybrook. One beauteous battle-queen ultimately surrenders--but will the victor show her mercy?

Our next match brings back Coral and Tina Z. to continue their devastating ways in a ring confrontation that quickly devolves into a bruising, bust-baring brawl. These catfighters really tear at each other as limbs are twisted, breasts are mangled, and bodies are battered with a ferocity that can only come from two tigresses. When Coral escapes a chokehold she retaliates with knee drops and belly blows that stagger Tina. Yet Tina bounces back to plant her foot into Coral's back as she twists her foe's toes to the breaking point. A chinlock is followed by stinging smacks to Coral's butt and breasts which just heats up Tina's bloodlust. This is one short, but intense brawl between two brash and brazen beauties.

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