Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #605



50 Minutes

topless catfight
When dark and delicious Nefertiti wins a modeling gig over blonde and buxom Venus, jealousy quickly blows up into violent rage. Venus was convinced that her big breasts would win out over Nefertiti's bountiful butt and she is one sore loser indeed. Before Nefertiti can relish her victory Venus begins spanking the black girl's brown bootie savagely. Nefertiti squeals as Venus' mammoth mounds crush against her. After the tops come off further pain is inflicted as the blonde digs her nails into Nefertiti's crotch. The dark-skinned beauty retaliates with attacks on Venus' proud, but vulnerable, tits, sending Venus into throes of agony as Nefertiti digs in with talons and teeth. When Venus sinks her fangs into Nefertiti's delicious derriere, it is all too clear that these curvaceous competitors will do anything to prove which one of them is the truly bodacious babe. It's tits versus ass with each girl really having their hands full trying to prove which is mightier, the rump or the rack.

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topless catfight
Our next fight is another study in contrasts as the huge-breasted Burbank Bomber Shelly Berg, pounds lighter and exhibiting a new multi-colored hair style, takes on the petite Eve Ellis who is ambushed by a crushing bearhug instead of an expected embrace. Shelly, dressed only in panties, is out to prove her mettle to a former lover and Eve is definitely in the wrong place at the wrong time. With a video camera rolling, Shelly continues crushing the smaller redhead until Eve, in a shiny black dress, slips into unconsciousness. After removing Eve's stiletto heels, Shelly revives Eve just long enough to trap her in a reverse bearhug, further denying breath to enter her hapless victim's body. Shelly believes that Eve stole her boyfriend and Eve's gasping denials fall on deaf ears. Eve goes out yet again. With artillery that includes more bearhugs, an airplane spin and, most dangerously, multiple smothers with Shelly's enormous bosom, Eve's breathless whimpers become more and more pathetic. Each one of Shelly's boobs is almost the size of Eve's head and their combined weight soon take their toll on the struggling, devastated smaller girl.

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