Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #604



60 Minutes

topless boxing
Continuing where they left off in DT-597, Hollywood, Goldie, Christine and current DT boxing champ Tanya let the leather fly in this hard-hitting multi-bout contest.

Match #1: Referee Stacy Burke will have her hands full as Tanya "the Body" Danielle defends her title against Christine "the Panther" Dupree. As their robes are removed to reveal their gorgeous, athletic topless bodies, the stage is set for some body-bashing action. It takes three rounds before the first knockdown, but two more trips to the canvas quickly follow in the third round. The match ends with a knockout in the fourth round leaving one boxing babe punch drunk and defeated.

topless boxing
Match #2: A battle for third place finds Goldie and Christine each going for her first win in this tournament. This may be a contest for bragging rights but each boxer fights as if the world title were at stake. Goldie goes down first and is definitely out-boxed in the first two rounds, but comes on stronger in the third. This match goes to a decision.

topless boxing
Match #3: The final title bout finds champ Tanya duking it out with top challenger Jeanne "Hollywood" Basone in a brutal, bruising encounter that finds Hollywood struggling to survive in the first round. In fact, it isn't until the third round that Hollywood really rallies and Tanya makes her first trip to the mat--but not Tanya's last. The champ is trapped in her corner and pounded mercilessly as she slumps to her knees in a battered daze. A final knockout leaves one valiant pugilist beaten, but not broken as this championship tournament reaches its feverish climax.

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