Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #603



40 Minutes

topless catfight
A proud and haughty Tasha Welch returns after too-long an absence to take on our new Italian spitfire Tina, who is all sass and ego as she shows of her muscular body, enticingly encased in a tiny leopard bikini, for the camera. After an opening volley of leg scissors, kicks and chokes, the bikini tops are ripped off and Tina's is used as a choking weapon against her. Tina just barely escapes Tasha's schoolgirl pin, only to be caught in a matchbook pin after being bounced off the ring ropes. But Tina is not without some tricks of her own and she catches her blonde opponent in a tight head scissors. A careless moment finds Tina struggling against a grueling surfboard hold and stomped by the experienced Tasha as she lies flat on her back. Chokes, scissors, chin-locks b ring out the anger in both grapplers and Tina begins punching away at Tasha's face and body. But Tasha's as tough as they come and soon it is the cocky brunette who is staggered by Tasha's battering knuckles. After a number of shifts in the tide of battle, a staggering clothesline weakens one proud warrior and the stage is set for one topless gal to emerge victorious--and the other to be totally humbled.

topless catfight
Next, two of our all-time olive-skinned favorites, Francesca and Santana, don their skimpy bikinis for a fierce exhibition of Latin lethalness. Any hopes for a fair contest are dashed as Francesca drives her knee into Santana's stomach after an opening fingerlock test of strength. This only succeeds in making Santana mad and the ebony-tressed battler soon has Francesca writhing in pain with cross-legged pins, chin-locks and head scissors. When Santana notices that Francesca is trying to pull off Santana's bikini top, Santana removes it herself, and begins choking Francesca with it. Breasts are mauled and bellies are punched and Francesca gets back the advantage with a head scissors arm-bar combination. Francesca's upper hand doesn't last long as she is later battered and stomped in the corner and kicked across the canvas. A grinding foot into her crotch and yet another head scissors further tortures the fiery Francesca. But, soon the tables turn again and each lethal Latina gives as good as she gets. After a blistering barrage of punches, kicks, chokes and throws, it is a breath-stifling sleeper hold that finally ends this hard-fought war.

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