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TAPE #602



47 Minutes

topless catfight
DT proudly welcomes the lovely Diana Knight, in white bikini, to its staple of female fighters as she submits to a test of fire at the hands of the lithe and lovely Coral Sands, decked out in a Jolly Roger bikini. Diana's initial headlock is countered quickly by Coral who takes the raven-haired beauty down to the mat and begins mauling Diana's breasts. Diana is kicked and punched as Coral tries to make short work of the novice. Coral's full-nelson fails to stop Diana and she is flipped down to the mat and given a few spanks on her bottom for good measure. As Coral is straddled by the bosomy tyro, her skull and crossbones top are pulled apart and Diana gets in some breast mauling of her own. Coral forces her way out of the pin and traps Diana in a crushing waist scissors, adding a couple of contemptuous smacks to Diana's derriere as payback. These two grappling gals care little for rules and fair play. Fists pound against bellies, bodies are crushed by long powerful legs, windpipes are cut off by devastating chokes and smothers and limbs are twisted as these girls go all out to tear each other apart. Only one violent vixen will walk out victorious, but, will it be the pirate -- or the knight?

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topless catfight
Lately our sensational Sandy has been enjoying the role of the heel as she's been destroying one girl after another in her wake--and her sights are now set on everyone's favorite little blonde, Stacy Burke. A powerful arm twist up her back quickly has Stacy yowling in pain in just a few seconds and her torment is just beginning. A clothesline an d stomp to the throat further weaken poor Stacy as Sandy starts to think of even more ways to cruelly torture her victim. And Sandy thinks up plenty. Rib-crushing scissors, belly stomps, leg drops, arm stretches, body slams and finally a sleeper hold are used against Stacy in the first fall alone, and she must wake up to face even more punishment. The second fall begins with a flying kick and a camel clutch and ends with yet another sleeper knockout. And still the punishment continues. This is one beating that the curvaceous Miss Burke will never forget--if she ever recovers, that is.

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