Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #601



75 minutes

topless catfight
There's just no stopping the dueling dancers over at the DT Nightclub. This time it's a sinewy contest between adult film stars Coral and Victoria. They both start in skin-tight jeans and bosom-caressing tube tops, but these accoutrements don't stay on for long. Coral starts the teasing contest by kissing blonde Victoria and going into her sexy dance of arousal. After stroking and teasing each other's delectable bodies for several erotic eternities, the heat of battle flares up, ignited by the warm oil drizzled over their skimpily attired flesh. These greased-up hellcats lunge at each other, their moist skin twisting and clawing, trying to get a firm grip on the other. Nipples caress nipples, shiny buttocks bounce against each other and firm but slippery limbs tangle and twist over topless torsos. Both Coral and Victoria really seem to enjoy themselves as this seductive blend of choreographed seduction and spontaneous combustion burns through the lens of the camera.

Part 2 of the above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.

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