Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #600



70 minutes

topless catifght
They're at again! Tanya Danielle and Jewell Marceau return to the ring for yet another of their multi-fall knockout ring battles. Before the match these buxom belles trash talk each other with Tanya in a black and red, polka dot dress and Jewell in a white top and black mini-skirt. The girls strip down to their skimpy bikinis--Tanya in silver, Jewell in red--and the battle is joined. Although Tanya attacks Jewell from behind, the battle remains fairly even as waist scissors, full nelsons, tests of strength and bearhugs intermix with breast claws, chokes and the inevitable facesit smother that ends the first fall with Jewell sprawled out on the mat. More stretching, hugging and squeezing accentuate the action of the second fall and Jewell manages to start breast smothering her blonde foe. However, it is Jewell who ends up unconscious again at the end of the second fall. And so it goes, back and forth with Tanya taking her fair share of knockouts. Along the way each girl changes her bikini and endures both breathtaking victory and breathless defeat. But, in the end, one topless hot babe falls for good and the other heaves her bare breasts in victory.

topless catfightMia Walters, In bikini and pantyhose, and her baby sister Brandy, who's out to pay her big sister back after losing to Mia in their last confrontation. Brandy, in black strapless bra and tight pants, attacks the California Kid before the opening bell and devastates her eldest sibling with knees and punches to Mia's exposed belly. Brandy repeatedly rams Mia's head into the turnbuckle, setting up the mat vet for a series of headlocks, cobra chokes, kicks and head scissors. Mia counters with some belly punches but Brandy bounds back with more chokes, surfboards and body presses. Mia's trapped against the ropes as Brandy piles on the punishment. A Boston Crab would seem to be the end for Mia, but she eventually manages to facesit Brandy, knocking the fight out of her squabbling sister for good. Or... so it seems. One Walters sister ends up bound and unconscious in the center of the ring--but which one?

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