TAPE #599



50 minutes

Tanya, in a red lace teddy, faces Christine “One-Eye” Dupree, wearing a sheer black unitard and an eye patch, as referee Stacy Burke signals the wrestling match to begin. The villainous Christine soon tears away the bottom of Tanya's teddy and traps the blonde with a Boston Crab as she claws at Tanya's exposed crotch and ass. As Stacy tries to stop Christine from facesitting Tanya into oblivion, Christine merely scoffs and rips off the rest of Tanya's teddy, leaving the blonde only in her sneakers. Christine continues battering Tanya's nude body, catching her is a dizzying airplane spin, followed by stomps to the belly and yet another Boston Crab. Tanya is hopelessly outmatched by the cyclopean villainess and her magnificent body is subjected to all sorts of torturous wrestling holds--surfboards, bridges, fireman carries, bow and arrow--all made even more tantalizing by Tanya's delicious nudity. At one point Tanya is hung upside down on the ropes, defenseless against Christine's assault. This is wrestling in its purest form--violent, and naked.

Mia and Santana wear bikinis at the start of their wrestling match, but it's evident that these wisps of fabric won't last long. Mia bursts into the fray by choking Santana, but the Latina soon catches the Marvelous One in a chin lock. Santana presses her advantage and traps Mia in several body-contorting holds, stretches and scissors, all the while torturing Mia's crotch with claws and stomps. This torture becomes even more excruciating after Santana pulls off Mia's bikini bottom. After more twisting leg holds and pins, Mia's exposed crotch is further mangled and abused--until there's just no more pain to be felt.

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