TAPE #598



75 minutes

It's another hot night at the DT Nightclub as Hollywood is bent on smacking down Shy Love, the adult star and dancer making her DT debut and who's messing with Hollywood's boyfriend. As Shy Love does her featured dance, Hollywood gets up to show her own stuff, determined to out-dance and out-move this gyrating hussy. The dance contest gets hot and heavy as the dueling divas remove their tops and caress and slither all over each other. After much breast groping, derriere stroking and flesh fondling the erotic encounter becomes even more heated as the ladies slather oil on each other and slip and slide, nipple to nipple in a battle of the breasts. This is one long, slippery exercise in terpsichorean sensuality that finally reaches its climax when one glistening gal is choked out by her ravaging rival.

The second dance on the card partners Yvonne with newcomer Tammie in yet another passionate caress-a-thon. Both girls are definitely comfortable with their bodies and their seductive abilities. Arms and legs cling and climb like slithering ivy branches over fleshy expanses. Every breath is heated with desire and breasts plant kisses upon breasts. As one girl places her body weight upon the other the reaction is either submission or excitement. In this type of contest it really is hard to tell the difference. Not really a wrestling tape, but these matches do contain a lot of hot and heavy physical action between two of DT's favorite regulars and two ambitious and amorous newcomers.

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