Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #597



52 minutes

topless boxing
Referee / announcer Stacy Burke introduces the pulchritudinous pugilists donning the gloves for a multi-bout-boxing tournament: Goldie Blair, Hollywood, Christine Dupree, and current champ Tanya Danielle. With both the championship belt and a million-dollar purse at stake, each of these topless leather lovelies is determined to pound her way to victory.

Match #1 pits Tanya against Goldie. When Tanya goes down three times in the first two rounds it looks like a major upset may be in the works--but the tantalizing champ can't be counted out that easily and soon the British blonde bombshell is barraged by a battery of body blows that has her battling for her life. A decisive KO ends this bout.

topless boxing
Match #2 has Hollywood trading gloved blows with Christine. These two are pretty evenly matched but it is Hollywood who hits the canvas first and Christine presses her advantage hard. Both babes take a mighty pounding as their topless bodies bear up to some serious bruising. This match goes the distance, but only one weary warrior will receive the decision.

topless boxing
Match #3 brings back Goldie and Hollywood, and the fists fly fast and furious. Both girls give and take some savage hits and it isn't until the third round that one girl starts to take the upper hand. One boxing babe is clearly starting to tire and she slumps to the canvas several times until the bout is ended on a technical knockout.

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