TAPE #596



45 minutes

Two of our newer sexy scrappers, Coral Sands and Tina Zapatelli, go at each other from toe to toe in a tickling catfight where sensitive soles and pedal digits are mercilessly tickled, twisted and tormented. Coral wastes no time at the opening bell as she wrestles Tina to the mat and starts working on the Italian firebrand's tootsies Tina surrenders the first fall, but gives Coral a taste of her own medicine in the next round. The fight seesaws in this fashion until the bikini beauties decide to change tactics. Now it's a catfighting brawl as the tops come off and the battling babes try to beat each other with scissors, pins, body blows, chokes, hair-pulls, knee smashes to the belly, chinlocks, surfboards and, yes, even some more work on the tender tootsies. Rumps are spanked and breasts are pounded and only one girl will walk out of this ring victorious--albeit on sore feet.

Tough-talking Cassie, in bikini top, skirt, pantyhose and heels, is bragging for the camera when she is ambushed by the queen of arrogance, Shannan, who removes her skirt and shoes before she enters the ring. Cassie is quickly stomped and beaten as a neck scissors strangles her into unconsciousness. When Cassie awakens she wants to avenge her ignominious defeat and a match is immediately set. Both girls strip down to bras, thongs and hose and the battle is on. Shannan's head is smashed repeatedly on the canvas and the haughty hellion loses the first fall. As Shannan struggles to her corner it's evident that Cassie's vengeance has only just begun. The next fall finds Shannan's head caught in several standing head scissors, culminating with her pretty head smashed again and again on the mat. Shannan loses the second round as quickly as she did the first--and it ain't over yet. Blood is violently drawn as Shannan's bravado is soon as brutally broken as her bountiful, battered body.

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