TAPE #595



50 minutes

With her many tattoos, pink Mohawk and over-all Goth appearance, Jessle may be the most unique-looking wrestler ever to step into the DT ring, but that sure doesn't take away from her superior wrestling ability--as ring vet Little Jeannie Bruso knows all to well. Determined to avenge past losses, Little Jeannie intends to beat Jessle at her own cheating game. Catching the tattooed grappler in an arm bar, Jeannie yanks Jessle's hair to slam her to the mat. Jessle counters with an expert headlock and hip-tosses her opponent to the canvas. Jeannie retaliates with a neck scissors but Jessle reverses that with scissors of her own. These ladies really know how to wrestle, but Jeannie isn't going to be content until she really hurts the Goth grappler. Jeannie pounds Jessle in the corner and traps her in an arm stretch, An angry Jessle resorts to some ramming and stomping tactics of her own. Pounding the brunette's head into the mat, Jessle is out for blood--but so is Little Jeannie. Chinlocks, keester bumps, full nelsons, step-over toeholds, figure-4 leglocks, snapmares, cobra chokes--this match is a litany of pro-holds executed by hell-bent experts. A devastating abdominal stretch ends this hard-fought donnybrook and a boastful victor raises her arms in triumph over a battered loser.

Next, one of DT's best wrestlers, bombastic blonde Sandy, takes on one of our most-popular catfighters, Eve Ellis--and it's obvious after the first two minutes of this multi-fall match that the sexy little redhead may be fatally outclassed. After getting the early advantage by twisting Sandy's arm behind her and clamping the blonde in a headlock, Eve is caught in a series of arm twists, body slams, and clotheslines that totally stuns her. As her bikini top is used to choke her, Eve's fate is sealed. From this point on, she is Sandy's plaything. Chinlocks, standing figure-4 neck scissors and a series of neck-breaking atomic drops take their toll on the lithe lovely. A pulverizing piledriver softens Eve up for a breathtaking sleeper hold that wipes out the topless victim. And this is just the first fall. The second fall begins with Eve getting caught in a headlock that sets her up for a crushing waist scissors. Choked against the rope, Eve is caught in yet another piledriver variation, followed by another neck breaker drop, scissors and a cobra clutch sleeper that ends her misery--until the next round. How much punishment can Eve take? Well, if Sandy has anything to say about it--plenty!

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