DT Topless Catfights

TAPE #594



50 minutes

sisterhood of superheroines
Comics legend George Pérez's costumed crimefighting cuties return in this double bill of duplicity and betrayal. The villainous Overmind uses his newest converts, Night Witch (Debra Jo Fondren) and Prism (Jewell Marceau), to track down and capture Femme Fatale (Francesca Lé). Femme Fatale puts on a valiant battle and even manages to put Prism down with her own energy ring, but the now-evil Night Witch is more than a match for the lone heroine. Repeated punches to the face seem to have little effect on the possessed blonde in black. Even Femme Fatale's torture gauntlets prove of little use against the Night Witch's onslaught. Waist scissors, body blows, kicks, elbow smashes and even a piledriver are used to totally pulverize Femme Fatale. All seems lost until Prism starts to revive--the blast of her ring having neutralized the Overmind's mental control. Prism attacks Night Witch savagely and manages to take down the former crimefighter. After reviving Femme Fatale, Prism leaves to recharge her ring--not noticing that Night Witch has awakened and once again sets her violent sites on Femme Fatale.

sisterhood of superheroines
Prism returns home to recharge her energy ring, only to be ambushed by Wildchild (Hurricane Havana), now also a minion of the Overmind. Fists fly as the two caped crusaders tumble on the furniture, on the floor, and against the walls. Prism is reluctant to hurt Wildchild but soon has no other choice. Prism punches Wildchild's face and body savagely and traps the green and yellow garbed gladiator in a painful arm-stretch. Elbow smashes to Wildchild's back finally put the blonde battler out. After Prism hog-ties Wildchild she goes to charge her ring. Unfortunately, the charger has been sabotaged and a burning flash of light overcomes an agonized Prism. When she regains consciousness, Prism is shocked to find herself wearing Wildchild's costume and Wildchild wearing hers--and brandishing the energy ring. After wracking Prism's buxom body with the ring's destructive force, Wildchild decides to get more physical with her punishment, eventually spanking the humbled heroine over her knee and carrying her over her shoulder into the bedroom where Prism's breasts are bared and battered.

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