TAPE #593




593 The comeback of Eve Ellis has been long awaited by her many fans. Unfortunately, the ever-arrogant Shannan Leigh is not one of them. The bombastically buxom brunette takes the smaller Eve down with a scissors hold, but Eve counters with a body-squeezing leg vice of her own. The two battling beauties talk smack to each other, each lady trying to psyche out the other. There's a lot of leg work in this ring match and Eve even manages to get a waist scissors on Shannan while holding on to the top ropes. Few bikini tops can hold in Shannan's bountiful mounds and she is soon topless, with Eve's top pulled away from its moorings as well. Bodacious bods are tossed, pinned, battered and squeezed as these two tigresses vie for victory. A series of punches slow Shannan's momentum and Eve makes the most of her advantage. A body-crushing waist scissors followed by a breathtaking choke ends the battle for one vanquished loserăto the delight of a very boastful victor.

593 As Mia proudly displays her cowgirl hat, denim jeans, white tights and red bikini, Sandy enters the ring determined to remove as much of that outfit as possible. Mia is quickly caught in Sandy's murderous bearhug, which throws both lethal ladies onto the canvas. Mia straddles Sandy but is pulled off by the hair and ensnared in a vicious neck scissors. Mia has resented being called a creampuff by her blonde opponent, but it looks like Sandy may have been right. After ramming Mia's head into the ring post, Sandy catches Mia in a unique reverse bearhug, digging her fingers into Mia's crotch as she applies the pressure. But Mia still will not submit. Arm twists, crotch blows and another head butt into the turnbuckle softens Mia up as her belt is removed and her pants unzipped, exposing the top of her hose as Sandy lobs some blows to Mia's belly. A sleeper finally does Mia in and she is left in only her hose and bikini, which leads to further punishment--surfboards, Boston crabs--even a devastating wedgie. But--don't think you have the outcome of this torrid tussle figured out. There is definitely a surprise in store for one bewildered battler.

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