TAPE #592




592 The terrifically tantalizing Tanya stretches and preens and exhibits her magnificent body as she brags about how the Organization has practically recreated her into a flawless, perfect, super athlete. In her newly enhanced form she is to be the clandestine groups top operative--once she performs one final initiation test. Cuffed and gagged at the opposite corner of the ring is nosey reporter Francesca, who knows to much to be allowed to escape this arena unscathed. Tanya's mission: to beat the curious correspondent until she reveals the sources who gave Francesca the inside info on the Organization. After unbinding Francesca, Tanya mockingly lets Francesca get in the first punch. It is ineffectual--and Francesca is in deep trouble. Her attempts to convince Tanya of the Organization's mind-control as Francesca is subjected to scissors, surfboards, chokes, clutches, bearhugs and all manner of violent persuasion. Tanya even uses her own bra as a weapon of torture on her topless victim and sends Francesca's crotch into peaks of agony with stomp after stomp. Will Francesca manage to get through to Tanya before she's totally destroyed? Or will her defiance mean that she will be the first successful result of a beautiful being who was made to kill?

592 Our next piece of violent fiction begins in an office where Mia Walters is ambushed by her baby sister Brandy. Both siblings wear cute printed summer dresses and Mia retaliates by using Brandy's own dress as a weapon. Revealing the garter belt, stockings and high heels that accessorized Brandy's outfit, Mia soon squeezes the younger Walters girl into unconsciousness. But the tables turn quickly and often as Mia's dress is used to choke her as well. When Brandy plants a kiss to rouse her older sister, the battle just gets hotter and hotter. These topless babes use whatever means they can find to smother, choke and otherwise knock out one another. An office is supposed to be a place of business„well, these sisters certainly mean business!

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