TAPE #591




591 Star Chandler, sexy and saucy in her red bikini is the latest girl to challenge the power of that queen of heels, Sandy. It's no easy task for the Titian-maned fighter as Sandy flips Star to the mat with a headlock and traps her in a matchbook pin. Star counters with a powerful waist scissors that seems to weaken the veteran blonde, but Sandy quickly powers out and catches Star in a painful bow-and-arrow. After ripping off Star's bikini top, Sandy finally catches Star in a sleeper choke that ends the first fall. A surprising series of head scissors, snapmares, breast smothers and clotheslines bring victory for Star in the second fall. This rare defeat just brings Sandy's blood to a feverish boil and Star's own overconfidence may prove her undoing. A never-ending barrage of neck breakers, leg drops, arm stretches, backbreaker drops to the knee, stomps, camel clutches and sleepers are all meted out with a savagery few can muster like Sandy. It looks like yet another star will fall into the sandy dunes of defeat.

591 Lowdown vengeance is the order of the day in our next match. When Stacy continuously brags about stomping on the balls of Yvonne's boyfriend, John, during a match the British bombshell is duty bound to avenge his honor„and get back his championship belt. Yvonne knees the little blonde square between the legs and vows to the off-camera boyfriend that she will mutilate Stacy's nether regions. Unfortunately, Yvonne makes the mistake of turning her back on Stacy and it is Yvonne's crotch that receives a fistful of pain. And so it goes, back and forth, with every punch, claw, knee, and kick further devastating the vulnerable groin of each crotch-crushing beauty. Feet grind as legs are splayed helplessly. Bodies quiver as hard heels stomp into private areas again and again. Until, finally, it all ends with one worn out woman whooped and whimpering on the mat.

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