Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #590




topless catfight At the DT Nightclub, voluptuous bartender Victoria is confronted by olive-skinned beauty Cleopatra who brags about making love to Victoria's boyfriend the night before. Cleopatra even attempts to show Victoria what it was like by caressing, fondling and kissing the curly-tressed blonde--who returns the flirtatious advances measure for sensual measure. The girls are soon stripped to their thongs and heels as hands, lips, butts and breasts slip and slide over light and dark flesh. And just as the orgasmic concerto is about to reach its crescendo, the tempo changes and the exotic Cleopatra tosses Victoria onto the couch. It's catfight time now with breasts mauled instead of fondled, limbs twisted instead of embraced. As hot as they were as lovers, these two newcomers, both named after historic queens, are even hotter catfighters.

topless catfight Our second match marks the return of one of our all-time favorite girls, Eve Ellis, as she fights that other fan-fave Stacy Burke for, of all things, a box of Valentine's Day chocolates. The girls are dressed in tiny dresses, sheer tights and heels, but the dresses don't stay on for long. Waist scissors squeeze the breath out of one girl then the other and soon dresses and hose are shredded and those shreds are torn even more. At one point one girl straddles the other and shoves a piece of candy in her mouth. And still they tear at each other, spanking round rumps, squeezing bared ribcages, until one tootsie in tattered tights lies unconscious--with one last piece of chocolate perched mockingly in her mouth.

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