Double Trouble Female Wrestling





Bikini Wrestling When a photographer can't decide which girl will be his cover model, Francesca Le challenges her rival Kim Chambers to a five-out-of-nine fall match--with submissions or knockouts deciding each fall. The action revs up quickly as Francesca's headlock is reversed by Kim who pins the Latin spitfire to the mat, only to have Francesca escape and catch the blonde in a head scissors. Kim as she is thrown to the corner where her belly and eyes are mauled and she is tossed to the mat. An atomic splash from the top rope goes terribly wrong for Francesca and it is Kim who takes the first fall. But this battle has only just begun. Another fall ends with a barrage of bruising blows culminating in devastating figure-four headlock. More punches and stomps leaves one battling babe bloodied, bruised and finally beaten. And the humiliation isn't over yet.

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topless wrestling And speaking of humiliation, Coral Sands is determined to get even for her last humiliating defeat at the hands of Tanya Danielle in tape #580. Dressed in dominatrix garb, Coral greets the cocky blonde bombshell with a right cross to the jaw--and that's before the opening bell rings. Tanya is quickly overwhelmed by Coral's onslaught and is soon smothered by the brunette's full-bottomed facesit. Tanya's attempted rally in the second round is quickly squelched as she gets knocked down by a series of clothesline and set up for yet another air-depriving facesit. As a bloodied Tanya feels her legs shaking beneath her, Coral's malice has rotted her to the core and she's out to tear the one-time bully apart. After a violent symphony of body blows, scissors and knee drops, it looks like Coral just might get her wish.

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