Double Trouble Female Wrestling

TAPE #587




sisterhood of superheroine fantasy wrestling
Superheroine Princess Wonder (Kim) vows vengeance against Domina (Julie DC) and the Burbank Bomber (Shelly) for the beating they gave Yvonne in Tape #552. The black garbed villainesses agree to a showdown but only if Princess Wonder removes her power belt to even the playing field. Kim calls for Sandy to referee, but barely lives to regret her decision as she learns too late that Slaughterhouse Sandy is on the side of evil and has her own vendetta against the blonde heroine. Princess Wonder's arms are held apart by Shelly and Sandy as she is first punched then whipped savagely by Domina. After her boots are removed, Princess Wonder is sat upon by the Bomber as Sandy grabs her feet and Domina slugs and claws at the blonde heroine's face. It's a brutal gang-up with no salvation in site as the hapless heroine finds herself spreadeagled on the corner ropes as the dastardly villainesses pile on the hard-knuckled torture.

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sisterhood of superheroine fantasy wrestling
Our second super-story brings back Santana as Ultiwoman, who is once again ambushed by her arch-enemy Grim Maiden (Shelly). The villainess' Power Zapper collar is quickly wrapped around the heroine's neck and Ultiwoman is soon easy prey for the black-suited bad girl. The heroine is beaten, choked and tossed as Grim Maiden delights in her evil triumph. Ultiwoman's leotard is unceremoniously yanked and wedged between her blue tights. A partial sleeper softens the caped crimefighter even more. After having her bared breasts molested by the also-topless menace, Ultiwoman finally succumbs--only to awaken attached to an electrical torture device. The high voltage arches the heroine's body with jolts of excruciating pain--as Grim Maiden sprinkles some water on her--the better to fry this once-proud champion of justice.

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