Double Trouble Female Wrestling

TAPE #586




586 Lean and sultry newcomer Tina is one irate Italian firebrand, determined to take that blonde American heel Sandy down. Sandy, on the other hand, is determined to flatten the Italian newbie like a pizza. Tina's bravado is rattled as she is subjected to every manner of ring abuse. Head scissors, camel clutches, chokes, piledrivers, and bearhugs are but a few of the drastic, deadly maneuvers that the veteran Sandy inflicts on the dark-haired Tina. Each round ends with a breathtaking knockout and Tina's once haughty arrogance is displaced by fear and helplessness. Sleepers rob Tina of whatever resistance she may yet have and the end seems to stretch out to an eternity as Tina's pathetic gasps of surrender just stir up Sandy's cruel intentions all the more.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.

586 Another sizzling blonde versus brunette battle fills up the second part of this tape as Stacy Burke and Jewell Marceau take their war into the DT ring. Jewell ambushes Stacy during an on camera interview and it's anything goes from that point one. Each girl gets her turn at smothering her opponent with her well-rounded buttocks and ample bosoms and one girl after the other goes out for the count in this multi-fall encounter. Stacy starts with a gold bikini but later changes into a star-spangled bikini which Jewell mocks. Standing head scissors, body blows, figure-four headlocks, bearhugs, matchbook pins are among the many painful holds exhibited in this violent orgy, but most of all, it is the smother that is the lethal weapon of choice. So if you like to see beautiful girls smothered and choked into slumberland over and over than this match is for you.

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