Double Trouble Female Wrestling

TAPE #585



45 minutes

Dominance Wrestling
It's one hell of a bloodbath for one poor girl as Cassey vows revenge on our Latin superstar Francesca Le, who is caught by surprise as Cassey kicks her between the legs while Francesca's back is turned. Further crotch torture as well as a Boston Crab and camel clutch help to soften the hapless Francesca for what promises to be a humiliating and excruciating experience. Even as Cassie lulls the semi-conscious Francesca with a stimulating pussy massage, the sensuous stroking is but a cruel tease as pleasure surrenders to torture, and this torture never ends. With fists, feet and even (gasp!) a pair of pliers, Cassie brutalizes poor Francesca's tender nether regions until it is one bloody mess. At the end of the fight Francesca recounts her horrible experienceÑalthough her bloody face and crotch already provide ample testimony.

Topless Prostyle Wrestling
Two of our favorite bosomy brawlers go at it yet again when the always-sensational Sandy wastes no time tearing into the cocky and curvaceous Shannan. Both are topless from the get-go and all that flesh just glistens in the sunlight. An early bearhug nearly crushes the breath out of Shannan, but the brunette manages to escape a subsequent headlock to catch her blonde foe in a reverse bearhug of her own. Surfboards, camel clutches, full nelsons, waist scissors, bow & arrows, arm bars and standing neck scissors are but a few of the tremendous tactics applied by these expert grapplers. Bodies are thrown, limbs are twisted and the advantage goes back and forth in this evenly matched contest. In the end an iron-like waist scissors crushes all the remaining fight from one valiant vixen, but the victor knows that she's faced a truly worthy opponent.

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