Double Trouble Female Wrestling

TAPE #584




topless catfight
Julie DC is all badass attitude as she summons her bodacious battle savvy to squash and humble confident newcomer Cassey. At first it appears that the blonde tyro may have bitten off more than she can chew as big Julie takes her down and traps Cassey in a waist scissors. Cassey manages to reverse her way out of Julie DC's holds, but the impossibly endowed veteran knows how to apply cross-body pins, matchbooks and sundry other maneuvers. When Cassey starts getting the upper hand, Julie DC traps the smaller blonde in the corner and blasts away at Cassey's tummy. A humongous breast smother and face claw further weakens Cassey, and it really starts to look bad for the new girl on the block. But then--Cassey finds a foreign object... One girl ends up topless and bound to the ropes--as the other cruel femme pulls out a Tazer--and a broom handle.

topless catfight
Two more new DT girls show their stuff as Kim Chambers, blonde and buff, takes on lean and lethal Coral Sands, each babe determined to destroy the other's pussy. Wearing nothing but thongs and heels, the topless tigresses waste no time attacking each other's lower regions. Sharp nails dig in deep and even the ring ropes are utilized for optimum agony. The tender areas are further brutalized with kicks, stomps, slaps and punches. These two hellcats are really out to destroy each other and one girl finally succumbs to the unrelenting pain--and vows revenge.

The above match is available as a complete downloadable movie.

indoor catfight
Our third match doesn't really have much fighting in it as Tanya Danielle, sleek and sinewy in a black one-piece makes very short work of Christine Dupree. A crushing head scissors soon has Christine flat on her back and she remains there as the blonde bombshell, stretches, twists and preens over the brunette's prone and motionless body. An unusual match included in this tape as a small bonus for those who just like to watch as one beauteous babe lets her body do the talking as she lords over an equally lovely victim.

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