Double Trouble Female Wrestling

TAPE #583




Nude Catfight
Tanya and Kim let it all hang out in the first half of this fleshy double-header. The fight starts in the living room as both of these bombastic blondes primp themselves so they can go ready to go to a glamour convention. During their conversation Tanya makes comments about Kim's web-site and how she seemingly wears the same dress over and over and poses the same old way each time. Kim fumes and the two seemingly forget their appointments and rip into each other. They engage in a pretty tight fight, with golden tresses yanked by the handful, bountiful breasts punished and mauled and tanned flesh stripped bare and bitten. Even with their dresses gone with the wind these naked nasty girls continue to let the trash explode from their lips as they denigrate each other's womanhood--especially their pussies. Lots of floor work here, with two proud, naked beauties vying for bragging rights--and victory.

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Nude Catfight
Nefertiti is tired of being Candi's enemy and calls her to make amends. The dark and delicious diva tells Candi (who does not appear in either match on this tape) that she will prove her friendship by beating up Jewell who is sunning her nude body in the backyard, totally oblivious to the danger she's in. Nefertiti strips off her bikini as the two naked voluptuaries tangle in a whirlwind of unfettered flesh. Jewell doesn't even get a chance to get to her feet as her face is smothered by Nefertiti's crotch and butt, her boobs clawed by the black girl's claws and her body molested by Nefertiti's groping hands. Things don't get any better for Jewell as she awakens in the bedroom, tied to the bed with her ebony tormentor striding on top of her and continuing the torturous assault of smothers, tickles, gropes and pokes.

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