Double Trouble Female Wrestling

TAPE #582




Topless Wrestling
When hot babes put on the hot moves, there's little left to do but melt. And melt you will as adult superstar Asia Carrera gets into boogie mode with DT hotty Hollywood. In preparation for their ring match (which was seen in Tape #559) these two sensuous sirens feel each other out as they use their arms, legs and other body parts to see just how much woman each lady was about to take on. Almost no body part is left unexplored, as the brief thongs are the only things preventing this from becoming an entry in our WOW nude series.

topless wrestling
Our second gyrating spectacle begins in the DT nightclub where buxom brunette Tammie goes toe to toe, breast to breast and even face to crotch with the fiery Francesca in an erotic dance that sizzles like the sweat on their glistening skin. Tammie is determined to make an impression on the experienced Francesca, and one can only wonder as these sultry brunettes slide over and caress each other in their tantalizing terpsichorean strip down whether these ladies have made a new friend, or a new foe.

topless wrestling
The scenario repeats itself when on Tammie adds the name of everyone's favorite Brit, Yvonne, to her dance card. Yvonne is definitely no stranger to an adult dance floor and she seems to relish the opportunity to get in some dirty dancing with the delectable newbie. As the hands rhythmically glide their way over soft, supple skin, the heat goes from simmer to boil. Admittedly, these custom encounters have little actual wrestling in them, but there's no denying that these girls really do know how to warm a guy up for the night.

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