Double Trouble Female Wrestling

TAPE #581



68 Minutes

Topless Catfight
Lisa Comshaw, in a pretty print sundress is really angry that her roommate Kim Chambers damaged Lisa's computer. The blonde's unrepentant attitude steams the brunette and Lisa jumps on Kim with feline ferocity. The skirts hike up high revealing each woman's flesh-colored hose as high heeled legs and taloned fingers twist and claw for one cantankerous catfight. Bare breasts are squeezed and mauled and each catfighter uses her long, luscious legs and strong sinewy arms to crush her opponent. Breast smothers, tit-tweaking and butt spanks are all used to devastating effect. There is definitely no science to this fight and no love lost between these two hellions.

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Topless Wrestling
Next, Francesca and newcomer Tammie meet in a dance club and learn that they have a mutual girlfriend. The jealous Francesca tosses her drink on the startled Tammie who simply strips down to her panties and challenges Francesca to a fevered dance contest. As the music plays the two sexy brunettes writhe and gyrate all over each other in this erotic contest of slithering, sensuous undulations. The heat is turned up to boiling point as they each slide their taut hot bods over each other during heart-pounding lap dances. Francesca and Tammie turn each other as hot kisses, groping hands and widening legs prove too much temptation for either girl to resist. No real fighting in this match, just two gorgeous gals, dressed in thongs and high heels, burning up the floor in a dance of delicious, delirious decadence.

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