Double Trouble Wrestling

TAPE #580



47 Minutes

foxy boxing
Curvy Coral Sands has been making quite a name for herself in the DT ring, and Tanya Danielle intends to change that name to mud as she enters dressed in sexy white bikini, mesh stockings, heels and wrap skirt to pay Coral back for beating up Star Chandler in Tape #563. By contrast Coral wears a black bra and panties with dark pantyhose and heels. The girls talk trash to each other and it's obvious that this is going to be one hellacious hellfight. When Tanya's first punch floors the brunette, she makes the mistake of turning her back on Coral. Coral uses Tanya's own towel to strangle Tanya, finally knocking out the busty blonde with a crushing neck scissors. The heels are removed and Coral proudly straddles the blonde braggart. Overconfidence is definitely contagious as Coral swings back to slug Tanya, but is thwarted when Tanya's powerful leg blocks the blow and Tanya brings Coral down with a smothering facesit. It's a woozy Coral who is then repeatedly thrown headfirst into the turnbuckle. Another facesit disorients Coral even more and she becomes a bloody punching bag for the hard-fisted Tanya. It's a humiliating end for one devastated beauty.

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topless boxing
Next on our card is beautiful newcomer Cassie, facing that Latin locomotive, Francesca. Francesca wastes no time playing dirty as she sneaks up behind the startled blonde and pulls off Cassie's bikini top to use as a strangling weapon. Even with some well-applied scissors and pins, the bulk of the violence is delivered via two pairs of powerful, pounding fists. Francesca uses her advantage well and pummels Cassie's breasts, face and belly both on the ropes and on the mat. As she straddles the blonde on the canvas, Francesca mauls and batters Cassie's breasts and chokes her into unconsciousness. Francesca celebrates her victory by trying on Cassie's top-while Cassie rises back to her feet behind her. Cassie quickly sets out to pay Francesca back, beginning with a chokehold of her own. As punches fly and bodies crash, this battle sets to prove to Francesca that you can't underestimate any newbie--especially not Cassie.

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