Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #579



57 Minutes

topless wrestling
Julie DC's extraordinary boobs are barely contained by her yellow string bikini as she storms into the room to confront Santana about stealing Julie DC's boyfriend. When Santana brags that the man prefers Santana's smaller tits to Julie DC's mountainous mammaries, the gauntlet is thrown and the topless tusslers go to chest to chest in a fingerlocking test of strength. This is followed by an endurance contest wherein the redhead's nipples are pinched and squeezed even as Santana traps her in a waist scissors. Santana even manages to clamp a leg scissors hold on one of Julie DC's bountiful boobs. Breasts are clawed, pulled and crushed as one girl inevitably squirms on the floor squealing in defeat.

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topless wrestling
Buff babe Kim Chambers is proud of her taut body and she flaunts it immodestly, posing and preening in front of the floor-length mirror. When Kim learns that she's lost a beauty contest to the deliciously dark-skinned Alana, the blonde beauty fumes, declaring that her breasts alone should have won her the prize. Alana merely scoffs and takes Kim's place in front of the mirror. That's all Kim's going to take and she leaps on top of Alana on the couch. Spanking the black girl's butt and clawing Alana's breasts, Kim furthers the torture by clawing at her rival's crotch. Alana manages to escape and returns Kim's attacks measure for measure. Kim's top soon comes off and these magnificent orbs become targets of squeezing, clawing, and crushing destruction. One girl's hard-pressed breasts are soon spewing milk-but will it be regular-or chocolate?

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