Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #578



80 Minutes

topless catfight
Two new girls debut in this titanic catfight trilogy and the first one to taste battle is young Daisy Rain, who is stretching on the parlor floor wearing a T-shirt, mini-skirt and boots. If this baby-faced teenager expects to become a wrestler, she's definitely found the right teacher in Christine Dupree. The veteran is definitely more muscular, but the little blonde is stronger than her thin frame suggests, as an initial test of strength attests. Christine teaches Daisy how to apply leg scissors, headlocks, pins and other maneuvers, but eventually tires of the teen's rather giggly attitude toward the lessons. So Christine goes on the attack. But Daisy has been an apt pupil and gives the teacher a few lessons of her own. A sucker punch angers one combatant who finally devastates her opponent, leaving one beauty beaten on the carpet and one lovely victor exhausted on the couch.

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topless catfight
Mia's interview for a new roommate introduces her, and us, to sweet-faced beauty Tina whose bubbly personality totally wins Mia over. That is, until Mia learns that Tina is dating Mia's boyfriend. Tina is totally stunned as she is thrown to the couch and choked violently by the magnificent one. Tina manages to turn the tables and chokes Mia unconscious with her two hands. The exertion heats the curly-haired brunette and she removes her top. Mia recovers and wraps her arms around Tina's neck, knocking the tyro out, but not for long. Stripped down to panties, hose and heels, it's one breathtaking KO after another as one nasty brunette finally dominates with legholds, chokes, sleepers, ropes and pillows all used as implements of definite malice.

topless catfight
Fight Babe Robin is definitely no newcomer, but she plays one in our final entry on this tape. When Robin timidly announces to the impatient Santana, her tanned body glorified by a form-fitting black one-piece, the lethal Latin quickly entraps the meek blonde with a standing head scissors, a violent leghold that crushes Robin's cranium until the blonde is flat on her back on the carpet. Robin offers no further resistance as Santana plays with her new doormat. Robin is straddled, scissored and sat on in this short, but decidedly one-sided affair.

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