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TAPE #577




topless catfight
This triple feature of mat mayhem begins with that Queen of Heels, Sandy continuing her destructive path through the DT stable of newcomers by challenging the ambitious but inexperienced Coral - who is in for the wrestling lesson of her life. Sandy shows no mercy as Coral is thoroughly trounced in this one-sided vendetta of violence. Body slams, piledrivers, clotheslines, body blows, camel clutches, bearhugs and leg scissors are delivered with savage abandon as poor Coral is knocked out again and again. Coral's initial cockiness is wiped away as Sandy's relentless barrage of punches, chokes and sleepers bring the slender brunette to the brink of oblivion.

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topless catfight
Our second feature presents lethal lovers Mia and Francesca who prove that there is indeed a thin line between love and hate. After amorously hugging and kissing each other outside the ring, the pair's ardor devolves to anger as Francesca, tired of Mia's teasing, pulls her lover into the ring. Bow and arrows, waist scissors, headlocks, belly claws, matchbook pins and facesits are but a sampling of the mauling maneuvers that these two passionate powerhouses execute to prove, at least this time, which is the better woman.

Sandy continues her bullying ways in our third match, this time against Mia's youngest sister, Brandy. The lithe Brandy betrays no intimidation as she quickly traps big, bad Sandy in a waist scissors, but Sandy quickly reverses it to a neck scissors of her own. Sandy softens Brandy up with some hard-hitting clothesline attacks as the Walters girl is bounced repeatedly off the ropes. Atomic splashes, elbow smashes hip tosses, body slams and atomic drops are used to devastating effect as Brandy is subjected to one assault after another. Brandy's bikini top is soon ripped away and she seems even more vulnerable. Will Sandy's stultifying sleeper put an end to Brandy's dreams of victory?

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