Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #576



50 minutes

topless fantasy wrestling
In a pre-bout interview, the barefooted Star Chandler brags that she is going to beat "that has-been" Julie Winchester in their upcoming ring match, and she will celebrate her victory by having Julie lick and kiss her feet. As Star naps before the match, Julie sneaks in and starts to tickle Star's feet. Star's titters finally awaken her and Julie promises to make her big-footed, big-mouthed adversary eat her words. Star may be chewing on more than that before Julie is through with her as the mat veteran punishes Star with headlocks, chinlocks, body blows and head scissors. And that's only the beginning. In the end one humiliated honey is topless with her hands bound behind her by her own bikini top and on her knees so that she can kiss and suck the victor's toes. It's an ego-shattering experience for a once-proud bitch.

topless fantasy wrestling
The second story follows the same scenario, but this time Julie takes on the role of, pardon the pun, heel as she brags to an interviewer that she will destroy Hollywood in their upcoming match. But first Julie's going to take a nap. When Hollywood arrives she begins to tickle the sleeping braggart's feet, stirring Julie awake and angry for revenge. They take the fight to the ring and follow a barrage of holds, throws and blows with several scissors, stretches and headlocks that eventually tires one topless babe out for the count. It's another pride-crushing session of spanking and foot licking for one defeated dame.

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