Double Trouble Female Wrestling Movies

TAPE #575



45 minutes

topless slugfest
Our first fist fight fantasy starts with the titan-titted thug Julie DC in bikini and black boots having just gotten out of prison and confronting the startled Alana in bikini top and jeans. Before the ebony beauty can take everything in she is pummeled like a punching bag by the red-haired powerhouse. Alana is knocked down and choked by Julie DC's awesome thighs and gloved hand smother, but Julie DC's punishment of choice is primarily fist - and even breasts -- pounding on flesh and bone. Alana's total destruction seems assured--until her good friend Santana enters the room and starts helping Alana in making Julie DC pay for her crimes. With two fiery foxes belting away at her, Julie DC is overwhelmed and finds herself waking up in another room, hanging from the ceiling by her arms, a vulnerable and eventually topless punching bag for Alana and Santana to exercise some rough street justice.

topless slugfest
In our next tale of battering babes Sandy breaks into Alana's house during the night, determined to kick the black girl's ass for dating Sandy boyfriend. Sandy enters while talking on the phone and tells her boyfriend that she promise to bring Alana's bikini top back with her as proof that Sandy is better for him. Entering the bedroom, Sandy takes the slumbering Alana by surprise and begins punching her savagely. Alana is bewildered by the assault , but eventually regains enough strength to turn the tables on the busty blonde. Alana's punches are devastating and Sandy finally succumbs to them, passing out. Alana drags her groggy rival to the living room where she continues to punish Sandy with a barrage of belly blows, wrestling maneuvers and breast attacks. Has Sandy bitten off more than she can chew? One battered beauty's top does end up as another's trophy, but which one?

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